I was born in Seoul, January 21st 1992. I always had many friends around me because I was cheerful and merry. I loved singing and dancing along with friends, and I learned how to play violin and piano from private elementary school I used to go to. Since then, my indefinite dreams to be a musician have stared.

I joined a band as a vocalist when I got into a middle school. Performing in front of both small and large crowds, no matter how good or bad we were; it was full of magnificent. The joy I felt on stages gave me a strong direction to be a singer. In a material way to achieve my dream, I entered a practical music high school. But unfortunately, at the crossroads of my pass to a college, I chose humanities course.

However, during the Korean Language and Literature course at ‘Dong-Duk Women University’, I could not stop dreaming about being a musician. So that I took some time off of college and got into a practical musical academy. It was not easy to hold down a part-time job and studying at the academy at the same time. Spending many years with failing every single audition I had, I started to realize that I was not the right one.

One day, the musical academy I was attending opened a music festival, and I got to perform on the stage. It was the one and only golden opportunity for me because I was casted by Sony Music Entertainment Korea. With few more additional auditions, I finally got accepted. It didn’t feel like a miracle, but destiny.

I was being a trainee for few months; Which, I have always wanted to be. In September 2013, I was organized as a duo girl group, ‘WINGS’, with YESEUL, my partner. In March 2014, I finally debuted… so here I am. Now I am looking straight at my future I always dreamed of, but at the same time, I know I’ll be facing crucial moments that it’s hard enough to make me forget what I’ve been through.

I am ready now. I am totally ready to spread out the wings and fly high! Please watch us! Count on NAYOUNG!


Hi. My name is YESEUL from WINGS. I was born in Seoul and I still am. When I young, I had to transfer couple of times to other schools. I was very depressed by then because I could not make any close friends and it was not easy to make one. Although, I had a tough childhood, it somehow gave me adaptability and in sociability. Now I am confident I’m the best friend of yours. Ha, ha, ha… I liked singing and dancing in front of people and that influenced my career; I want to be a singer. My talent quickly passed throughout my mind. While peer group are playing in the playground, I rather go to karaoke with friends and sisters. My favorite song of all time is <I’ll Write You a Letter> by Lena Park! I spent a lot of time singing, and for the first time in my life, I took professional vocal lessons ever since I got into a high school.

Unfortunately, I had no choices but studying at an academy after school because I had to take night classes. I complained about not spending enough time singing and developing my career. After few years, art classes were opened at my school so that I could take music classes and focus on what I really wanted.

All because I took art and music classes from high school, I naturally got into a practical music college, and thankfully, I am now a part of Sony Music Entertainment Korea’s family; I am YESEUL from WINGS.

I desperately wanted to take this opportunity and I will be faithful artist, musician, and singer. I promise I’ll be the best of all! Please keep on eyes on us. Thank you!