Ultimate Age-defying Anti-wrinkle Revitalizing Serum
Ultimate Youth Power Series
Ultimate Youth Power Serum

A cutting-edge fusion of ginseng callus extract, SH-DP-9, adenosine and acetyl hexapeptide-8 forms this potent anti-aging formula that reduces fine lines, brightens skin dullness, activates collagen regeneration and revitalizes skin cells. The high concentration level of ginseng callus extract boosts blood circulation which in turn effectively removes yellowish and dull skin tones as well as dark spots. The replenishment of the moisturizing ingredients efficiently moistens skin from the deepest layers, building skin back to its healthy lustre.

    Skin's youthful suppleness and cell density to resist against environmental pollutants that cause stress to the skin.


    collagen synthesis and elastin to repair signs of aging


    by strengthening skin cells to restore balanced energy flow and healthier looking skin